Friends of Stanley Park

Friends of Stanley Park and Salisbury Woodland, Blackpool

Events of the Past

on Stanley Park

A collection of photos of past events.

90th Summer Celebration 2017 click here


The bandstand Sunday show volunteers 2012:

Stanley Park Bandstand Volunteers in 2012, Friends of Stanley Park Blackpool

The beginning of Heritage Guided Tours in the Park 2012:Blackpool Heritage Guided Tours in Stanley Park 2012


The unveiling of the Stanley Park Lions in an exchange with Stowe School:Stanley Park Lion Unveiling 2013

The Stanley Park delegation at Stowe School with Prince Michael of Kent:The Stanley Park Lions at Stowe School 2013


Stanley Park Italian Gardens in 2014:Stanley Park Blackpool Italian Gardens 2014

Christmas Fair 2014:

Friends of Stanley Park Christmas Fair 2014


It's Easter on Stanley Park. It's salsa time with Blackpool's 'Nocha de Salsa':

Parading hats at the Easter Fair:

Easter Fair 2015 Stanley Park Blackpool

The Hi-Ropes being built on Stanley Park, Blackpool:

Witches in Salisbury Woodland, scaring the children:

Friends of Stanley Park Christmas Fair 2015:


Easter Fair Prize Winners:

Twelfth Night by the Friends of Stanley Park in Blackpool Shakespeare Week 2016:

Annual Stanley Park Classic Car Show 2016:

Macmillan Coffee Weekend 2016:

Friends of Stanley Park Christmas Tree at the Winter Gardens Christmas Tree Competition:


Stanley Park Blackpool, the presentation for UK's Best Park from Fields in Trust at Lords in London:

Friends of Stanley Park 'Best Have a Field Day 2017' from Fields in Trust for the 90th Summer Celebration

Best Have A Field Day 2017 - Stanley Park Blackpool  Fields in Trust

The Earl of Derby holds the golden key that his grandfather opened the park with in 1926:

Revoelution Choir at the 90th Summer Festival:Revoelution Choir at Blackpool Stanley Park 90th Summer Festival

The Earl of Derby speaking at the 90th Summer Celebration:The Earl of Derby at the 90th Summer Celebration at Stanley Park Blackpool

The annual Wordpool by Blackpool Arts and Libraries:Wordpool on Stanley Park Blackpool

Jurassic Kingdom on Stanley Park 2017:Jurassic Kingdom on Stanley Park 2017:

Rupert Fabulous every year a great show:

Touch the Pearl every year a great show:

Ska Face blow the place on their first show on the bandstand:


The Reluctant Dragon Theatre Production:

Remembrance Day 2018:

Friends of Stanley Park Remembrance Bench with a service family:

Halloween Fair, Pumpkin Competition:


National BMX Championships at Stanley Park:

Armed Forces Day at Stanley Park:

Annual Manchester to Blackpool Classic Car Run 55th year:

Friends of Stanley Park and Blackpool Council at Stay Blackpool holiday display, Blackpool Winter Gardens:

The Stroke Association Annual run:


Blackpool Stanley Park wins UK Park of the Year in 2019, for the second time, presented by Fields in Trust:Blackpool Stanley Park wins UK Park of the Year 2019

Blackpool Stanley Park wins UK Park of the Year 2019

Blackpool Stanley Park wins UK Park of the Year

Halloween Ghost Trail 26th October 2019, led by Stephen Mercer

Friends of Stanley Park, Halloween Ghost Walk 2019 Blackpool

Halloween Dancers 26th October 2019

Stanley Park Halloween Dancers Blackpool Oct 2019

Stephen Mercer - Ghost Tours


Updated: 13 September, 2021